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Governing Board

To the extent not otherwise expressly provided in [the] Bylaws, the affairs of MAGIC shall be managed by its Governing Board. MAGIC shall not have or exercise any power which is not granted to a public library pursuant to Illinois law.

The number of members of the Governing Board of MAGIC shall be equal to the number of the libraries which are active Member Libraries of MAGIC, and shall be increased or decreased automatically and without further act of the Governing Board so that the number of the members of the Governing Board at all times shall be equal to the number of active Member Libraries. Each Member Library shall appoint its Chief Administrator to act as the Member Library’s representative (“Representative”) on the Governing Board. The Library may also appoint a member of the Library’s staff to act as the Library’s Designated Alternative Representative in the event that the Representative is unableto attend any meeting of the Governing Board or is otherwise unable to function as a member of the Governing Board.